MAHWAH NJ, May 31, 2022

SWG-RED develops airdrop savings solution approved by military.

RED-REAP Graphic Summary

SWG-RED has designed a better system for US military airdrops. The Reusable Energy Abatement Pad (REAP) is a reusable solution for airdrops saving both time and money. The system solves many of the challenges faced by the airdrop teams including reusability, adaptability, and international deployment. REAP significantly speeds up training set up time by simply being weatherproof and modular.


The Department of the Army has approved use of REAP for use on Air Force Unilateral Airdrop Training (UAT).


“The challenge was to design a product that could be used and reused particularly in training exercises. We are pleased with the outcome as it speeds up and increases the number of viable training missions extensively” said lead engineer Dr. James Rall.


Since the 1920s the military used corrugated paper board for their thousands of yearly airdrops. The paper material was subject to single use and weather-related failure. SWG-REDs REAP is weather stable, light weight, breaks down for easy transport and storage, and is reusable. All contributing to significant cost and time savings for the US military. Projected savings of over $6.2M over 5 years based on 250 airdrops a week. REAP distributes impact energy lessoning the chances of damaged equipment and supplies. The modular design weighs nearly 300x less than the paper honeycomb with a volume savings 99.7%.

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